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Recruitment of actors to theatres

About stability and change in the field of dramatic arts in Norway

The purpose of this article is to describe and analyse the recruitment of actors to (primarily institutional) theatres in Norway. We will investigate and discuss whether a previous description/prediction of a radical break in the recruitment system from predominantly “profession regulation” to more “competition regulation” has proved to be well founded. Some 10-15 years ago several informants and scholars (ourselves included) predicted that a more open, audition based recruitment system to acting positions in Norwegian theatres would take over and that the professional and institutional control with the recruitment process would become much weaker. Today we can evaluate whether these predictions have come true. This paper is therefore also an attempt to re-evaluate our own previous research. The article is based upon qualitative and quantitative data from several research projects. It concludes that the aforementioned description/prediction was oversimplified: No radical break seems to have taken place within the recruitment system.

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