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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) as a transformational act

Distinct values and multiple motivations among farmers and consumers

Compared to most other wealthy countries, Norwegian producers and consumers have been somewhat sheltered from the international market, but this has changed during the last decades. As a respond to this alternations, the number of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms, has grown rapidly in Norway. This article reveals in-depth why Norwegian producers and consumers engage in CSA, and how CSA can be seen as a transformal act toward food system changes. The study reveals that the Norwegian CSA producers and consumers in general have distinct values, and are motivated by a desire of a production and food system safeguarding aspects of environment, justice, health, participation and communication. For them, the farms are an arena for converting societal values into practical actions. The sustainable production methods practiced and the re-allocation of power back to the producers, consumers and local community, are indicating the transformal power CSA has upon the current agri-food system regime. However, the challenge is to up-scale this actions, and at the same time prevent dilution of the core values and agroecological practices that are seen in the Norwegian CSAs.