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Trøstesløs asket eller suksessrik kunstner?

Kunstneres holdninger til arbeid, penger og anerkjennelse

In this article, the aim is to explore Norwegian artists' attitudes towards their income- and working situation by using multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) and cluster analysis (CLA). Our main question is: To what extent are Norwegian artists' attitudes marked by a dichotomy between artistic and economic value? The MCA shows that there are distinct oppositions present in what we call the room of artists' attitudes: First, we find a systematic opposition between consistently positive and negative attitudes towards the artists’ own financial situation. We also find an opposition that separates dedicated and/or recognized artists from less dedicated and/or recognized artists. These findings are largely in line with earlier studies of artists’ work- and income situation saying that relatively few artists have artistic and/or financial success and a big share are struggling to maintain income and artistic recognition. However, the results from the hierarchical cluster analysis can nuance this picture. We find three different segments of artists, where about ¼ of the artists have positive attitudes, and a little less than ¼ have negative attitudes towards their own financial situation, while more than 50 % of the artists are characterized by neutral attitudes towards both artistic recognition and their own financial situation. In other words, our analysis reveals a pattern of oppositions between positive and negative attitudes towards both economy, dedication and recognition. At the same time, the identification of the large group of artists with “neutral” attitudes contribute to nuance the image of artists as either financially successful and commercially oriented or poor and sacrificing. We therefore argue that our findings is a supplement to previous studies and contribute to a more nuanced knowledge of current artistic roles.