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Ny bok: Politics and bueraucracy in the norwegian welfare state

Ny bok: Politics and bueraucracy in the norwegian welfare state

Halvard Vike, professor ved Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge og forskningsprofessor ved Telemarksforsking, har utgitt en bok som studerer utviklingen av den norske og skandinaviske velferdsstaten i et historisk og antropologisk perspektiv.


Fra bokas baksidetekst siterer vi følgende omtaler:

Halvard Vike argues that particular forms of political grassroots mobilization contributed heavily to what he calls “a low level of gravity state"—a political order in which decentralized institutions make it possible to curtail centralizing forces. While there is a large international literature on the Nordic welfare states, there is limited knowledge about how these states are embedded in local contexts. Vike's approach is based on an ethnographic practice which may be labeled “in and out of institutions." It is based on ethnographic work in municipal assemblies, local bureaucracies, political parties, voluntary organizations, and other informal contexts.

“Halvard Vike’s descriptive analysis of Norwegian politics contains lessons for all. His piercing analysis offers new ways to think aboute the state, from the council chamber to the family therapy studio. This is an instant classic, a must-read for anyone interested in the topic." -Simone Abram, Professor of Anthropology, Durham University, UK 

“There are very few books by anthropologists dealing with the state in modern social orders, and modern Western societies have only recently come under anthropological scrutiny. For this reason, this work is an exceptional contribution to a field in dire need of thorough analysis. The book will be very much welcome as an important addition to political anthropology, both in teaching and research.” - Jonathan Friedman, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Diego, USA

“Vike’s well-written and informative picture of municipal politics and public health care in Scandinavia provides an exceptional contribution to our understanding of how political systems actually work. Especially impressive is his use of his rich and deep ethnography to work through the particular interplay of relationships and pressures that produce particular political actions." - David B. Kronenfeld, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Riverside, USA